about life coaching
Project Inside Out's mission…
To connect with girls and women in such a way that by being seen and heard they are more true to themselves. Go ahead… "fall in love with yourself from the inside out!"

about life coaching…
Coaching is a growing trend that helps people from all walks of life; from executives in the board room to teens in the classroom, figure out how to tap in and tune in to their highest self and make decisions based on their innermost desires and dreams. For some it is a process of figuring out just what those dreams actually are and discovering, often for the first time, what it is that they really want their life to be about. Coaching is also about figuring out what exactly is standing in your way, and for girls – that is most often dealing with their emotions and pressures that come with being a teenager.

Coaching is not therapy, nor is it a case of fixing something that is broken, but rather bringing out the very best and teaching life skills and tools to get and stay on track.

  • Early intervention in the teen and pre-teen years can stave off depression and promote joy.
  • Learning about your own power and how to unleash your own potential is the greatest high in the world.

Amanda’s approach is rooted in the belief that adolescence is a fundamentally important transitional time. It is a time during which tweens/teens must be provided with guidance, support and encouragement to open up and discover who she is as an individual and how she desires to fulfill her unique and valued purpose. Through life coaching, Amanda provides feedback, insights and guidance from an outside vantage point. Amanda has a unique ability to quickly get to the underlying issue and to the heart of the matter.

why girls?...
As a teen, your daughter is certain to face a plethora of challenges, the greatest of which may be making it through her adolescent years with her self-esteem intact. Girls are bombarded with messages that tell them to be something or someone that they are not – to dress a certain way, to speak a certain way, to perform a certain way. Girls are told to be nice. Girls are expected to look a certain way and be pretty. Girls are advised to be demure, never too loud or too "big". All of these pressures cause girls to become disconnected from who they really are and what they really want. As girls approach and move through adolescence, it is essential that she develop a sense of who she is and who she desires to be in the world as well as to have a 'voice' she feels confident in and is capable of using in a variety of forms and forums.

Secondly, working with girls and women is my passion. Girls are fun, energetic, witty and clever! I believe all girls are wise and complete – sometimes we all can just use some encouragement, reassurance, and guidance to truly find happiness. Having the opportunity to add my knowledge and life experience to their enthusiasm, energy and wisdom is invigorating, rewarding and inspiring. I truly feel as though I have the best job in the world!

What is a Teen Life Coach?
“The Teen Wisdom™ Life Coach is a teen girl’s very own personal cheerleader, coach, and mentor. Through the trusted and unique coaching relationship, the Teen Wisdom™ Coach will listen, advise, teach and support the teen girl to know and honor herself, overcome challenges, achieve her goals and dreams, and grow into the successful, happy and confident woman she is meant to be.”

Why does my daughter even need a life coach?...
Do teens really need a coach? Not sure? Ask any pro athlete, actor or musician. Even the best in their field get coaching and we certainly don’t look down on them, as a matter of fact we applaud them. Are our daughter’s lives any less important or valuable?

Research now tells us that in western society, a girl's self-esteem peaks at the age of nine and then plummets through her adolescent years. Life Coaching for Tween/Teen Girls provides guidance, support and encouragement thereby helping to enable your daughter to maintain or re-build her self-esteem, discover who she is as an individual and develop tools for empowerment that make it possible for her to live to her true potential. Thus, the value of a coach and mentor who can establish rapport with your daughter and provide her with the tools with which to discover and maintain her best self is beyond measure. Click Here to see how she can help.

What about coaching for moms?...
Our daughter's transition through adolescence demands that we reinvent ourselves as mothers and re-define our relationship with her as she moves from childhood to adulthood, but sits somewhere in between. Additionally, for some of us, our own adolescent wounds are stirred by our daughter's changing behavior, interests and struggles, making it difficult to stay clear and grounded in the process of guiding and supporting her.

At a time that is challenging and emotionally charged, accomplishing these enormous tasks alone can seem impossible. Teen girl coaching can provide guidance and support as you move through your own transition from the mother of a child to the mother of a teen while assisting with the development of tools to become a stronger, more grounded woman. Simultaneously, a coach can guide you, her mom and the one with daily access to your teen daughter, to incorporate the elements of mentorship in your parenting.

These skills will enable you to become your daughter's most valued guide and a more effective parent who can maintain and nourish that all-important connection to your daughter. Click Here to see how she can help.

…but wait, I’m not a teen or a mom, how can a Life Coach support me as a woman?
Amanda’s unique and highly customized approach to coaching women is rooted in the belief that the average woman has been socialized out of knowing and valuing her authentic self. Commonly, after the age of 9 we begin to adhere to a societal standard that dictates how a woman is supposed to look, act and speak in order to be considered beautiful, desirable and acceptable. This typically leads us to tuck away the natural self-love we feel as a child and all the 'inner knowing' we carry about ourselves and the world around us, and replace it with data related to being what everyone else wants or needs us to be. Over time, much like we forget what is in the keepsake box we stored in the attic decades ago, by the time we are 30, 40 and 50 years-old, we have forgotten how to truly love ourselves and trust our inner voice. This denial of self creates a 'void' and is often experienced as a deep sadness, a sense of longing for something more, a lack of self-love and a sense of disconnection from or perpetual dissatisfaction with one's body, just to name a few. Most often, we choose to deal with the void by either numbing it or desperately trying to fill it with resources outside ourselves, such as relationships (even if they are unhealthy), money, clothing, status, and so on. In either case, the source of the problem is frequently ignored and the void continues to exist.

Amanda’s approach to coaching women is rooted in her philosophy that knowing and honoring one's authentic self is essential and fundamental to personal empowerment and to building any healthy relationship, personal or professional. She addresses the 'void' by guiding her client through a process of self-discovery and self-value and partners with each client in developing individualized tools to support the creation of a path that will bring greater fulfillment, sense of purpose and success in whatever endeavors a woman decides are most important on her journey. Her work with a woman is dedicated to guiding women clients back around to their authentic self and supporting them in creating a daily experience in their personal and professional life that reflects and honors the woman they are. Click Here to see how she can help.