Desire to Inspire
Empowerment Workshops
Desire to Inspire is a themed educational and empowering workshop-based group coaching experience. This coaching program is for pre-teen (ages 9-13) and teen (ages 14-18) girls who are ready to fall in love with themselves, take their lives to the next level, and have fun!

Why Should Girls Register for Project Inside Out?
It's not easy for girls coming of age in today's media-saturated world to develop a healthy sense of self-worth, self-respect, and purpose as they prepare for their futures. In order to emerge from their teen years as strong, happy, and confident young women, girls must learn to successfully navigate peer pressure and negative messages about girlhood and womanhood. These influences have the potential to negatively impact their self-esteem, identity development, and health behaviors.

I created the Desire to Inspire, a Project Inside Out group coaching program to help girls make healthy decisions, discover their uniqueness, pursue goals, resist negative stereotypes about women and girls, and take steps towards achieving their goals and dreams in a fun, positive, interactive, and supportive setting.

Girls enrolled in the Desire to Inspire empowerment group will work closely with me to learn tools and strategies to help deepen self-awareness in order to provide a strong foundation for success. I will meet with you on a regular basis and give you inspirational exercises in between sessions to help you make progress in your journey to greatness.

In This Group Coaching Workshop Experience, You Will Begin to:
  • Improve your self-esteem, self-love, self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-respect
  • Learn how to take better care of yourself
  • Improve your body image and self-acceptance
  • Explore how messages in the media shape how you feel about yourself and how others treat you
  • Learn tools for dealing with pressure from peers, family, teachers, romantic relationships, and even yourself
  • Develop self-awareness and inner wisdom to help you make choices that honor your beliefs and values
  • Connect with your leadership potential
  • Identify your dreams and passions
  • Set realistic goals and begin taking action to achieve them
  • Begin celebrating your accomplishments
  • Improve your outlook and attitude

You Will Also Receive the Following Benefits of Coaching With Me:

  • A caring “big sister” you can trust and confide in without being judged and who will guide you towards becoming a strong, confident, happy, and empowered young woman
  • An experienced mentor who will motivate, inspire, challenge, support, and uplift you as you work to achieve your goals
  • Your own personal “cheering section” to help you feel good about yourself and create an exciting plan for your future
  • A friendly coach who believes in your greatest potential and holds you accountable for taking your life to the next level
  • Supportive relationships and new friendships with other young women and girls (small group coaching) …and more!
Upon successful completion of the coaching workshop, girls are invited to participate in ongoing coaching (private, group, online), which will support you in taking action towards your dreams and enhancing your relationships with others (friends, boys, family, etc.). Hey girls! Don't forget that you can always sign up for another Desire to Inspire experience as they are offered.

Dates, Times, Formats and Location:

I am excited to announce that I have cleared my schedule and reserved the dates of the next empowerment workshop sessions! Each group will meet for 1 hour and 30 minutes per session (these sessions are longer than my 45 minute private coaching sessions to allow additional time for each girl to be coached in the group setting). This coaching program is offered in the following formats: teleconference, webinar, or in-person. Please check with Amanda for specifics on our upcoming group.

The groups will meet on (Dates TBA).
  • Pre-Teens (ages 9-13): 6:00-7:30PM (New group!)
  • Teens (ages 14-18): 7:30-9:00PM (*Note: 18-year-old girls must be enrolled in high school)
Special Bonus: Many of the girls/parents who have inquired about my group coaching programs have expressed that they would also like to benefit from private coaching with me, however, I have limited opportunities available for ongoing one-on-one coaching.
  • I am excited to inform you that each participant will receive one 45-minute private session with me via phone (scheduled after the second group session)!
  • In addition, each participant’s parent(s)/guardian(s) will be offered one 15-minute phone consultation per child.
**Sign Up to become a part of Project Inside Out by Contacting Amanda TODAY!!**

Eligibility Criteria:

Parents: Before registering your daughter(s) for this group workshop, please review the Coaching FAQ’s (especially the difference between coaching and therapy) and eligibility criteria below.  My coaching practice is geared towards emotionally healthy girls who are already functioning at a high level. If your daughter has a current or past history of counseling/therapy OR if any of the items listed below apply, please contact us to discuss whether group coaching is the best option for your daughter before proceeding with the registration process.
  • difficulty getting along with peers in a group setting
  • Asperger’s syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, or social skills challenges
  • violent behavior and/or aggression towards others
  • anger management challenges
  • history of arrests, probation, placement in a juvenile detention center, crimes against minor children, unruly child petition, etc.
  • depression, bipolar disorder, suicidal thoughts, or suicide attempts
  • serious thoughts of self-harm or harming others
  • self-injurious behaviors (cutting, etc.)
  • eating disorders (i.e., anorexia, bulimia, etc.)
  • setting fires
  • harming animals
  • hospitalization in a mental health facility
  • substance abuse or participation in a rehabilitation program

If you are  experiencing an emergency or self-injurious thoughts or behaviors (cutting, overdosing, suicide, etc.), consult your mental health provider and/or call 911 immediately!


The investment for this coaching program is $399.00 which includes:
  • Six hours of group coaching
  • One 45-minute private session
  • One 15-minute parent consultation

How to Register:

Becoming a part of Desire to Inspire is simple - just contact Amanda to request an application packet to be completed and returned via e-mail or mail prior to receiving an invitation to sign up for the group. Once approved, it’s easy to register for this coaching group with your credit/debit card payable through PayPal or cash/check mailed prior to the first scheduled call. Project Inside Out! reserves the right to deny enrollment in my coaching programs at my discretion if I do not believe that group coaching is the best option. Note: I do not require an intake session for girls participating in group coaching programs.

Space is limited to only 6 girls per group!
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