WELCOME to Project Inside Out Life Coaching where I am dedicated to helping tween/teen girls, their parents, and other young adult women become every. single. thing. they've always dreamed of.

It is the mission of Project Inside Out to connect with girls and women in such a way that by being seen and heard they are more true to themselves. We strive to help guide tween/teen girls and their moms through the challenges of adolescence where they emerge as confident young women with their self-esteem intact.
Empowerment for Tweens (9-12) & Teens (13-19)
Amanda works closely with each girl client, guiding her to recognize her unique potential, individual strengths, inner and outer beauty and to develop tools to create a successful, fulfilling path in life.
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Encouragement for Moms of Adolescents
Amanda guides each mom she works with to greater understanding of the adolescent journey and the ways in which she can re-invent herself as the mother of a tween or teen girl, set clear goals and support her in developing a stronger more communicative relationship with her daughter.
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Motivation for Young Adult Women (20-24)
Even if you don’t have teens and need coaching on life issues, Amanda has a unique ability to figure out and address issues that are hindering your flow with life. She can help you uncover the obstacles that are getting in the way of your happiness and motivate you to truly value and honor yourself as confident, insightful and powerful young women.
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