meet amanda
Who I am and what I believe in.

I was a teenage girl too...
“For me, maybe like some of you, being a teenager was anything but easy. From anxiety about school, friends, peer pressure, family life, not liking – or even knowing – who I really was, to worrying about not fitting in, my teen years were filled with feelings of confusion, frustration and self-doubt. I was always looking outside of myself for approval. What I didn’t realize was that these difficult years were preparing me for my life’s work. It wasn’t until I had been working with teenagers in the counseling field, did I realize this wasn’t exclusive to me; it was a universal issue among teen girls.”

After settling back in her hometown of Cartersville, GA when she finished graduate school, Amanda felt in her heart it was time to start giving back to the community in a significant way. Life coaching for teen girls became her path towards that goal, and she passionately pursued and graduated from the Teen Wisdom™ Inc. Life Coach Training, led by Tami Walsh, founder of the nation's first life coaching company for teen girls and parents. Amanda excelled in the program and now as a Teen Wisdom™ Graduate and Certified Teen Wisdom™ Life Coach takes these very tools and techniques learned and brings them straight back to the client she works with. With years experience in self-development, a first-hand awareness of just how difficult the teenage years can be, empathy, and a passion for making a difference, Amanda has discovered her life's work: helping teen girls, their moms, and young adults learn how to truly love themselves from the inside out. Now through Project Inside Out! Life Coaching, she is passionate about working with teens and young adults to develop deeper self-awareness and offering support, tools and strategies that help them to truly value and honor themselves as confident, insightful and powerful young women. Amanda's skills as a life coach will assuage fears and self-doubt about the future by shifting perspectives, eliciting dreams and passions, and honing in on personal strengths.

My passion is helping girls learn to fill that big hole in themselves that makes them feel like they aren’t “ enough”- smart enough, pretty enough, talented enough, good enough – ENOUGH ALREADY! When we have a big hole in us that we have not filled with our own love and confidence, we are always looking outside of ourselves to get it filled.  All of our decisions are based on getting someone to like us, instead of making decisions that we feel good about and are good for us. If we have confidence in ourselves it’s easy for to say no to the things that aren’t good for us. When we are confident, we come from a different place inside our self, we carry our self differently.  People have respect for us and don’t question the decisions we make for our self.”

As a life coach, Amanda coaches teen girls navigate the trials, tribulations and transitions of adolescence. With high academic pressure, poor role models, girl drama, and communication challenges, it’s no wonder our teen girls feel lost and insecure. Amanda is eager to affect positive change in the lives of teen girls, as she has personally experienced the struggles and challenges of life as an adolescent girl. Now more than ever, she believes that teen girls everywhere are in need of guidance, support and accountability to achieve their greatest potential. In addition, her own realization of a fulfilling, successful career and living out her dreams has inspired her to assist today’s 20-somethings (young adult women) in turning their dreams into reality by aligning their passions with their daily life.

My Approach…
“I love it when I see these shifts in girls, and they love it too. When young women start filling that hole with satisfaction and confidence in themselves, their whole life changes. They are no longer making decisions for the wrong reasons; the decisions they make are decisions that are good for them. I get to watch their appearance actually change too. They stand straighter, they walk with a sense of sureness, and they speak with confidence, because they are. There is nothing more inspiring to me than a girl learning how to stand in her own power. I feel so lucky in my life to be able to witness these miraculous changes in girls who start loving themselves. It reminds me how big love is.”

In each life coaching session, Amanda, as a Teen Wisdom™ trained life coach, aims to deliver 2 components her clients:
• A deeper self-awareness around her true needs and values in order to make smart, self-honoring choices
• A tangible tool or strategy to cope with her unique challenges

The agenda for each life coaching session is always client-generated and coach supported. In this way, Amanda facilitates the achievement of long-term goals by holding her clients accountable to weekly action steps, but also remains open and flexible for coaching around the inevitable challenges that arise in their daily lives.

Extended Support for young adults…
Amanda’s teen girl life coach approach is designed to mentor tweens / teens to develop deeper self-awareness and offer support, tools and strategies that help them to truly value and honor themselves as confident, insightful and powerful young women. As teen girls transition into young adulthood, many of these same challenges persist. In addition, they bear the heavy burden of transitioning to college, entering the workforce, choosing a career path that will be both profitable and fulfilling, and defining then fulfilling their dreams. Not to worry. Amanda continues to offer her young adult clients the extended support of coaching sessions as they find their footing during their first years of adulthood.

Hey Parents…
Our concern for teens is valid in a world where sex in treated casually, drug and alcohol use are prevalent and teen suicide is on the rise. With the media being such a strong influence, our need to stay connected to our teenagers is more important today than ever. Amanda has a way of bringing understanding and ease into a parent/teenager relationship.

“I’ve also been a counselor of children, teens, and families, and I understand how tough these years can be and understand that parents have every reason to be concerned for their teen’s welfare. How can we stay connected to our teen so that they feel safe exploring their feelings with us? When they are faced with important issues, how can we encourage them to come to us with their questions? My goal here at Project Inside Out! is helping our teens develop the self-confidence they need to make good decisions for themselves.”

Personal Interests:
I am an avid reader and am usually reading five or more books at a time. I also enjoy traveling, horse-back riding, spending time with family/friends, bubble baths, yoga, working out, journaling, and entrepreneurship.

Favorite Quotations:
“You must be the change that you want to see in the world.” — Mohandas Gandhi

Life experience combined with a formal education and specialized training has prepared me for my work with many issues and concerns. And, just in case you're curious (or if parents want to know) I went to Berry College to complete my Bachelor’s of Science (B.S.) in psychology with 2 minors in family studies and sociology … and then I also earned a Master's of Science (M.S.) & Education Specialist (Ed.S.) in Professional Counseling from Georgia State University.