mother + daughter duet life coaching
One of the most sacred and powerful relationships in the world is the bond between a mother and her daughter. It can also be a source of stress and frustration that can turn your home into a battle zone. The way a mother and daughter interact and communicate affects and shapes a girl's sense of self and often forms the basis for the way a girl interacts in every other relationship throughout her life.

I realized after working with teen girls for years that mothers need coaching just as much as their daughters. Oftentimes while coaching a girl, the mother will call me and tell me everything she thinks is wrong and what needs to happen to make her daughter change her behavior. I found myself continually coaching the mother to pause and focus on becoming the change she wants to see in her family. I initially hesitated to offer this because I didn't want the girls to think that their mother needed to change in order for them to be happy. Now, after many clients (both teens and their moms) have requested it… I am finally offering Duet Coaching Sessions.

Coaching may take place in person or by phone. In each coaching package, both the mother and daughter will receive two individual 45-minute coaching sessions and 2 duet sessions with access via email between sessions included. The intent of each session is to gain greater self-awareness, develop tools to be used on a daily basis and determine specific action steps toward our determined goal, and celebrate a beautiful bond between mothers and their daughters.

Here are some of the benefits of Mother/Daughter Coaching:
  • Open and honest communication
  • Trusting, calm, mutually respectful conversations
  • Co-created boundaries and ground rules
  • Self-confidence, happiness and love
  • Forgiveness, acceptance and healing