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How is coaching structured?
To get started falling in love with yourself from the inside out simply call our center. Amanda, a specially trained life coach is waiting to help you decide how to best tailor the coaching experience to fit your needs. On this FREE initial 15 minute call you will have the chance to have your questions about coaching clarified and she will help you determine if life coaching is a right match for you and your needs. This session provides the basis for the coaching relationship. We will take a thorough look together at where you are now and begin to explore where you want to be. Upon signing up for one of our coaching packages you will receive a welcome packet from us. In this packet is everything you need to begin your life coaching journey, including your appointment for your first session! 

Here at Project Inside Out! I understand the unique nature of every individual client, therefore; I offer a variety of packages where you can personally design a program that's right for you. Majority of my clients have found that weekly sessions provide the most coaching support, but other options are available. The coaching sessions occur based on your coaching package selection and last 45-minutes each. These sessions typically take place in person (depending on location), but can occur over the phone.  At the start of each session, we will talk about your past week and explore any homework that you have been given to work on.  Then you tell me what you would like to work on and how you want to use your time.  We discuss the issues and find ways to move forward.  At the end of the session, action items and goals are set and homework is given.

Sounds GREAT!....How to do I get Started?
Getting started with your own private teen life coach is easy. Simply pick a program! (if you need assistance deciding which program best meets you or your tween/teen's goals no problem…just give me a call. As your life coach I have been specifically trained to help you explore your goals for coaching and design the best individualized coaching experience possible. Steps for a strong start coaching experience include…
1.“Do we fit?” Inquiry Call – 15 minute FREE phone inquiry with Amanda (that's me!). This call is ideal for learning more about my coaching services, call to get a snapshot of what is going on with your daughter, determine whether coaching is the best solution for her your/daughter's goals, and set up an intake session.
2.“Strong Start” Intake Session – his exploratory session is 90 minutes and designed for parents to delve deeper into your daughter's current challenges and history, to discuss how coaching works and to identify your goals for your daughter's coaching. We will spend time going deeper into your individual goals by gather information in a formal "intake," explaining policies and procedures, clarify the coaching experience, and sharing initial impressions and coaching recommendations. This is also the session where a coaching package is selected that best fits your needs/goals and a first session is scheduled.
3. Session 1 – COACHING BEGINS!! Get ready for change…

What Programs are Available for Tweens & Teens?
A teen life coach creates a safe space for girls to share their triumphs, explore their struggles, seek answers and develop tools to create a life of confidence, success and happiness. Life coaching with tweens & teens involves permission and active involvement from the teen's parent(s) or guardian(s).  Specifically designed for teens, Project Inside Out! offers the following programs to help meet the needs of our younger generations. Don't worry, after completing our "Foundations" program listed below, a tween/teen may choose to continue their work through one of our package options.

• Foundations (5 weeks)
Our most popular Tween/Teen program. This 5 session model is designed to jump start the coaching process and get your teen on their way to overcoming challenges and achieving their dreams. Based on the research proven Teen Widsom Life Coaching Program developed by Tami Walsh, MA, this program is facilitates the achievement of long-term goals by holding teens accountable to weekly action steps, but also remains open and flexible for coaching around the inevitable challenges that arise in their daily lives. EACH session your teen will leave with an increase in self-awareness and a tool/strategy to get them steps closer to reaching their goals. Upon enrollment in the "Foundations" package, tweens/teens will receive their own "Did-Wells Journal," created with to help optimize self-esteem and empowerment during the coaching process. This program is unique in that it offers our 4+1 session model with the following session outline following the intake session with parents and coach:
  • Session 1-4: Tween/Teen and Life Coach
  • Session 5: Parent and Life Coach (Tween/Teen optional attendance)
    **Coaching doesn't have to end there… we offer additional packages to help support you in keeping the momentum going!

  • What About Young Adult and Parent Coaching Clients?
    Young Adults and Parents are also invited to take advantage of our Life Coaching Packages. Project Inside Out! has specifically designed the following program to help parents and young adults achieve their goals and dreams. It's tough to raise a teenage daughter in today's world with all of the negative influences. Why not make this period in your life a little easier with personalized coaching? Get some support while learning new tools specific to your needs.

    • Foundations (5 weeks)
    The jump start program for parents and young adults! Life coaching for young adults provides feedback, insights and guidance from an outside vantage point. If you are feeling dissatisfied, re-evaluating life choices or simply looking for personal breakthroughs this 5 session model is designed to jump start the coaching process and get you on your way to overcoming challenges and achieving your dreams. Sessions are 45 minutes in duration and meet weekly. The intent of each session is to gain greater self-awareness, develop tools to be used on a daily basis and determine specific action steps toward your determined goal.
    •Mother + Daughter Duet (6 weeks - renewable)
    This unique opportunity for mothers and daughters was created to help find balance during the "Push and Pull" of adolescence. Includes insights, information and practical tools and tips for helping your teen develop independence and responsibility. Both the mother and daughter will receive two 45-minute coaching sessions in addition to 2 joint sessions with access via email between sessions included. Coaching may take place in person or by phone.
    **Coaching doesn't have to end there… we offer additional packages to help support you in keeping the momentum going!

    What if I need additional support?
    After any of our coaching programs are complete (this includes tween/teen, young adult, and adult programs), additional sessions can be added from the packages listed below to give you extra support. This feature is designed to offer my clients continued support as they continue to reach their goals and maintain progress.

    Please ask about fees and package discounts when making your first inquiry by phone (at 678-986-1816) or email our coach directly with any questions you might have.

    What support packages do you offer? Can I buy in bulk? 
    Life coaching packages help me help you for less! I offer the option to buying sessions in various amounts where a discount is applied for coaching clients who pay for multiple sessions in advance. Project Inside Out! coaching packages put you in the driver's seat where you bring the agenda for your work with the life coach. Basically, you come with a goal and we help you reach it! Any client is able to purchase their coaching sessions in the following packages after the completion of an intake session.

    Amanda offers six ("Explorations") and twelve ("Insights") week coaching packages and prefers to work with girls a minimum of three to six months to achieve the desired results. She is more than happy to help you find the perfect package for you!