services for young adult women
Coaching is a process that creates growth in all areas of your life. At Project Inside Out! I have created numerous services to best meet the needs of my clients.

Individual (1:1) Adult Life Coaching
Even if you don't have teens you may need coaching on life issues. Everyone needs a little guidance now and then. Amanda, at Project Inside Out! has a unique ability to figure out and address issues that are hindering your flow with life. If you are feeling dissatisfied, re-evaluating life choices or simply looking for personal breakthroughs, contact her today. She can help you uncover the obstacles that are getting in the way of your happiness. Amanda has had many mentors and coaches throughout her lifetime and she realizes how important they can be. The intent of each session is to gain greater self-awareness, develop tools to be used on a daily basis and determine specific action steps toward our determined goal. Common clients include college age women dealing with the transitions into adulthood! For the individual who desires growth, change and a whole new set of tools to "face" life head on.

Young Adult Coaching Topics
• Direction and Purpose
• Motivation
• Self-Esteem
• Personal Empowerment
• Stress Management
• Life Balance
• Health and Well Being
• Time and Self Management
• Organization
• Personal Finance and Budgeting
• Interpersonal Skills
• Relationship Management
• Life Change and Transition
• Career Planning and Development
• Management and Leadership
• And More!!!
Benefits of Young Adult Life Coaching
• Realizing potential and goals
• Taking inspired action
• Increasing self-esteem, self-awareness and self-confidence
• Better self-care
• Future planning and vision
• Getting organized and increasing productivity
• Setting Priorities
• Managing finances
• Enhancing emotional intelligence
• Better communication skills
• Better work and family relationships
• Planning education for a future career
• Finding a first job after college
• Becoming a successful first time manager